At this stage, you can start employing a simple version of thermal biofeedback to become even more deeply relaxed.

Make a mental image of yourself lying on a warm, sunny beach. Visualize plunging your hands into the hot, sun-warmed sand. Place your awareness on your right hand. Feel the heat of the sand flooding into your right hand. Picture your hand as heavy and warm. Simultaneously, repeat the phrases.

“My hand feels heavy and warm. Warmth is flowing into my hand. My hand feels quite warm. My hand is tingling with warmth.”

Keep repeating these phrases. You don’t have to use the exact words or memorize them. But say essentially the same thing. As you silently repeat each phrase, visualize a clear picture of each suggestion on your inner movie screen. Or just create the visualization out where your awareness is—in your right hand.

In a minute or two, your right hand should begin to tingle and feel warm. When it does, repeat the same thing with the left hand. Once both hands are tingling and warm, you can deepen the feeling by changing your suggestions to include both hands.

“My hands are heavy and warm. Warmth is flowing into my hands,” and so on. Visualize both hands as tingling and warm.

You will probably find that one hand becomes warmer appreciably faster than the other. If so, start with this hand. As soon as you feel tingling and warmth in this more suggestible hand, magnify the feeling, then spread mat same feeling to the other hand.

You may find you can speed up the warming process by visualizing the red glow of a hot plate or hot coals inside your hands. Or you might visualize your hands plunged into hot water.

Be sure you are in a moderately warm room with a temperature of at least 70°F. Otherwise, keep your hands under a blanket. Never try to force or hurry anything. Just make the pictures and repeat the phrases.

As the blood vessels relax and dilate in your hands, more blood flows in, making your hands heavier and warmer. During this process, you unconsciously sink into a deeper state of relaxation and suggestibility.

At this point, the subconscious is able to accept vivid and powerful images of the state of health (or any other goal) that you wish to give it.


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