To practice this ancient Japanese healing therapy, place both thumbs, nails up, parallel on the table. Now press gently but firmly while making a rotating motion with the thumbs. Hold the pressure for eight seconds, then release. When you apply this to any part of the body, you are practicing acupressure.

To relieve cold symptoms, begin by applying pressure to the center of your forehead directly above the nose. Then, separating the thumbs, begin to press with a single thumb on each side of the bridge of the nose opposite the corner of each eye. Continue working on down the face, next to the nose, at half-inch intervals. You should be massaging with one thumb on each side of the nose, applying pressure for eight seconds in one spot before moving on to the next.

If you find it easier, you may use a fingertip in place of a thumb. Under no circumstances use pressure on the eyes themselves.

Now, using the tips of the third and fourth fingers instead of the thumbs, use the same pressure and motion to massage the top of the head. Then massage the center of the crown and work on down to the back of the neck.

Massaging these key pressure points will invariably bring soothing relief from sinus pain, congestion and headache for periods of thirty to forty-five minutes or more.


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