So, when the signs and symptoms of AIDS finally appear it is usually impossible to know exactly when the HIV was originally acquired because initial infection with the virus causes no upset. However, in those cases due to transfusion with infected blood it is possible to work this out and in one such investigation it was found that in women the average time from infection with HIV to the development of AIDS was eight and a half years. In men it was five and a half years. Progression was faster in people over 60 at around 5 years on average but in children under five it was less than 2 years.

Insurance companies calculate that a 30 year old man can expect to live another 47 years if he is not in an at-risk group for AIDS and is not HIV infected. If he is in a risk group he can, on average, expect to live 27 years. If actually HIV infected this falls to 8 years and if he has developed AIDS it is only one and a half years.


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