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Obese people must never let themselves be persuaded to take a commercial slimming preparation. Except for seaweed, never take an ordinary preparation that contains iodine, since iodine is a dangerous element and should be used only in homoeopathic potencies and with the greatest caution. So if you do not know the contents of a slimming product, be sure to find out and reject it if it contains iodine. One should be very sceptical of any highly publicised weight-reducing remedies. Remember, the safest way to lose weight is by means of a suitable diet and a well-planned programme of physical therapy.

All chemical slimming preparations should be completely avoided. They are dangerous not only to the health but to life itself. Some people who have taken these preparations have met a tragic end. If you feel you must lose weight, take nothing but natural remedies.

When deciding how to approach a problem of obesity it is first necessary to identify its cause. It is no doubt true that excess weight is often caused by an improper diet or by eating too much. The unfortunate consequences in that case have their origin in too good an appetite. However, as discussed in the preceding section, there are some people who gain weight despite the fact that they eat very little. These people cannot reduce their weight simply by cutting down on the amount of food they consume. Advice on safe approaches to both types of problem is given below.


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