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In treating eczema it is of primary importance to discover the cause of the disease. It is usually to be found in faulty metabolism or an allergy to certain foods or other irritants. Naturally, these factors will have to be taken into consideration. In many cases a complete change of diet may be necessary. Without question, the bowels and kidneys should be stimulated so as to enable them to function adequately. Then we must find out if it is a chronic or acute skin eruption. External irritation, such as that occasioned by certain occupations, can play a part in the development of such skin diseases, but frequently it may be a hereditary condition.

For external treatment Molkosan (concentrated whey) has always given the best results. Molkosan is a biological lactic acid preparation which destroys harmful bacteria, stimulates the circulation and regenerates the skin by virtue of the minerals and enzymes it contains. As a rule, however, Molkosan alone is not sufficient, especially when treating psoriasis. It is then usually necessary to also powder the skin with a biological calcium preparation. For the best results use a calcium complex with Urtica (Urticalcin) in powder form. The third essential remedy is a lanolin cream, Bioforce Cream, which contains St John’s wort oil, being ideally suited for this purpose.


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