April 7th, 2009 by admin

There is no question that nicotine is harmful to men also, but it is more so to women whose bodies are more sensitive to its effects. Also, statistics suggest that more men today smoke pipes, which are not quite as harmful as cigarettes since the toxicity is somewhat reduced due to a filtering system and a different way of preparing pipe tobacco. Nevertheless, whatever one might argue, it is more sensible and much easier to refrain from punishing the heart while there is still time.

Never forget that we have only one heart, from which we expect faithful service during our entire lifetime. It is a miracle in itself that the heart is capable of rendering this service unremittingly, and we should show our appreciation by caring for this marvellous gift. But we are failing this responsibility if we hasten its deterioration by careless overexertion and wilfully feeding it with poisons we know to be harmful. Such abuse will serve only to cut short the peaceful twilight years of our life. It is sad when proper understanding, regrets and a change of life-style come too late to save a person from an early grave.


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