April 29th, 2009 by admin

The fourth rule of vital nutrition is that your food should be as poison-free as possible. This is easier said than done, however, in this poisoned world of ours. And if you feel that “poisoned world” sounds rather alarmist, I will add that it is almost impossible these days in the United States and West-European countries to obtain foodstuffs that are free from poisonous residues or additives. Fruits and vegetables contain residues of various poisonous insecticides, waxes, bleaches, and artificial colorings. Fresh meats contain residues of hormones used to speed up animal growth and antibiotics to prolong meat s shelf life. Processed meats, bread, cereals, canned and processed foods are loaded with some of the nearly 1,000 different chemicals now used by the food processing industry in this country—and many of them have never been tested for their possible toxicity! Much recent research shows that the toxic effect of chemicals is multiplied by the effect of other chemical agents consumed simultaneously.

There is a growing movement in the United States to produce poison-free, organically grown foods. They are often available in health food stores. Every effort should be made to obtain such foods. Poisons in foods are, perhaps, the greatest menace to American health today.


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