Vitamin C — ascorbic acid — is essential in so many vital processes in the body that Adelle Davis described it as having ‘a finger in every pie’.

Ever since the substance which prevented scurvy — ascorbic acid — was isolated in 1928 by Dr Albert Szent Giorgyi and synthesized by Walter Haworth soon after (for which both received Nobel Prizes in 1937), a vast amount of research has been carried out and thousands of papers written about its nature and its effects in animals and humans. In all these forty years of research we still have not sorted out all its functions, but medical observations round the world are always finding new ways in which Vitamin C is a benefit to human health.

The symptoms of scurvy are merely the final break­down of tissues which depended on Vitamin C for their health. It plays a vital part in so many functions that when it is deficient the body literally ‘comes apart at the seams’.

Irwin Stone in his book The Healing Factor – Vitamin C Against Disease writes —

‘Ascorbic acid is involved in so many vital biochemical processes and is so important in daily living that, after forty years of research, we still have no clear idea of the way in which it works.’

Although we do not know exactly how it works, these years of research have revealed what Vitamin C — ascorbic acid — can do to help meet the many stresses and dangers to which the body is subject and to maintain health and equi­librium through it all.

Other animals can make their own Vitamin C to tide them over stresses and heal their wounds, but we human beings must rely on getting our vitamin from outside. We now have access to many Vitamin C rich foods, we know which they are and, luckily, we can get unlimited supplies of manufactured concentrated ascorbic acid to meet our needs.

Vitamin C fulfils many vital roles in the human body.
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