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Sunday, March 6th, 2011

It is difficult to understand Herr E. in terms of conscious and unconscious, for everything he does seems to be unconscious. If, however, we resist using these terms, we can ask questions with more quantitative answers. What process does he identify himself with? What process does he experience as being outside of himself or as happening to him?
He identifies himself as being on vacation. He doesn’t like working and has no time for it. He is angry at the authorities for not giving him money for vacation. This ‘vacationer’ let us say, is his primary process, the one he identifies with.
His secondary process, the process with which he is in conflict and which he experiences as, happening to him from the outside, is the ‘unhealthy’ social worker. The authorities are sick, steal from him and need help. The vacationer is well but the authorities, in his opinion, are sick. It is important that Herr E. sees only the ‘others’ as ill; he, as the vacationer, is in order. We will return to this statement later on.