June 10th, 2011 by admin

A recent test tube study reveals that Roundup can severely | reduce the ability of mouse cells to produce hormones, Roundup interferes with a fundamental protein called STAR  (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein). The STAR protein is the key to the production of testosterone in men thus controlling male characteristics, including sperm production and also the production of the adrenal hormone (essential for brain development), carbohydrate metabolism (leading to loss or gain of weight), and immune system function. The authors point out that “a disruption of the STAR protein may underlie many of the toxic effects of environmental pollutants. In the womb the steroid hormones play a vital role by directing the development of the reproductive organs as well as influencing the development of the thyroid gland, liver immune system and brain. Critical times for breast development also occur before birth. This development requires an impeccable time sequence of events. Any alteration of that sequence can have disastrous and permanent consequences.*11/165/1*

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