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Friday, February 11th, 2011

Nebulizers are made from plastic and come with either a face mask or a mouthpiece. They function simply and effectively.
The liquid solutions used in the nebulizer are mixed with a diluter (unless specifically stated in instructions or by your doctor). Your doctor will prescribe the amount of medication and diluter. Ventolin, Atrovent, Bricanyl, Pumicort, and Intal solutions are available in single-dose plastic vials. The solution is placed in the nebulizer chamber and compressed air from the pump creates a fine mist which penetrates the airways. (Nebulizers can also be driven by an oxygen cylinder.) The mist is then inhaled through the mask or mouthpiece.
Nebulizer therapy is the most effective method of medication for an acute asthma attack. The mist from the nebulizer penetrates quickly and easily through the bronchial trees and into the lungs.
•Children and adults who have difficulty using aerosol sprays;
•People in geographically isolated areas where rapid access to medical assistance is not possible;
•Those patients with severe chronic airway obstructions which are unresponsive to high doses of aerosol inhalants and spacers.
•Bronchodilators, for opening up the airways and helping clear obstructive mucus (including Atrovent, Alupent, Respolin, Ventolin, Bricanyl and Berotec);
•Preventive medication, such as Intal and Pulmicort;
•Some antibiotics.