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Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Ail-Out Attack: For People who are Overweight or the Correct Weight for their Build and Height. This is plan one, plus:
J A stricter diet
2 Anti-fungal substances
3 Treating food intolerance: food elimination
4 More supplements
5 Treating all other sites of infection
A Stricter Diet
This diet cuts down the amount of carbohydrate in flour or cereal form to about 60 gms (2 ozs). You may feel this is not enough but don’t forget all the vegetables and pulses you will be eating will provide more. Little books giving the carbohydrate value of foods can be bought in some supermarkets or newsagents. A rough guide is that a slice of bread from a large loaf is about 30 gms. If you buy any packaged foods study the labels.
• Sugar in any form
• Bread, biscuits, cakes, cereals
• Yeast products: mushrooms, vinegar, pickles, alcohol, marmite
• Anything containing citric acid such as tonic water and tinned soup
• All dairy products except live yoghurt and cottage cheese; there is a lot of argument about the last two – some doctors allow them, some don’t
• Fruit and fruit juices for the first month; after that two servings daily (but still no lemons, oranges, grapefruits or limes) of well-washed or peeled fruit, or freshly-squeezed juice.
• Whole grains: three rice cakes, two oat cakes, two ryvita, one serving of rice, oats or other cereal, daily
• Potatoes in any form
• Mountains of vegetables and salads
• Meat, fish, chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit
• Eggs
• Nuts, seeds, lentils, beans
• Olive oil, sunflower oil
If you try this for a month you may not need to take drugs, but even if you do need to take them it is still a good plan to follow the regime for three to four weeks before you start the drugs. This will help you avoid a condition called die back or Herxheimer reaction; if you kill off too much Candida at once, the poisons from the dead cells can give you a fever, headache and generally make you feel wretched. This has been noticed most with a drug called Nystatin. The Candida is killed by contact with the Nystatin so if possible it is better to use it in powdered form. The tablets available on the NHS do not dissolve until they are in the large bowel so they would miss the Candida in the upper digestive tract. If your doctor is willing to prescribe the powder your pharmacist could get further information from the British Society for Nutritional Medicine (see Useful Addresses section). The alternative could be to crush the tablets and put them in water.